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Jun 16

Must Have Items For Your Cruise

Cruising Must Haves - The Coffee Reader

Getting ready to travel on a cruise? Is this your first time? Preparing for your first cruise can be overwhelming and stressful depending on your personality. What do I need to wear? How many shoes should I bring? What do I do when I get there. All of these items will be for another post. This is about some of the things you should bring to make your travels easier and more convenient when you cruise.

With so many gadgets out there what’s a person to do? When looking for product recommendations, it can feel like a sea of confusion. That’s why knowing what to buy in terms of quality, performance, and in my opinion the most important, convenience will certainly make your life easier when you are travelling on a cruise. Here are a list of must haves when cruising; you will not regret bringing these items.

Wall Magnets

Did you know that the walls on cruises are made out of metal panels? I didn’t so one of the items I never would have thought of until I read a tip somewhere were magnets. I am not talking about ordinary fridge magnets, although they could be handy as well for light stuff, but heavy duty magnets. When we travel we try to workout everyday there isn’t a port. This not only allows you to eat more, cause the food is really good, but also keeps us in shape so we haven’t gained our 20lbs after the trip. But back to the magnets, the magnets are great for airing out your clothes. Just use the magnet to pin your workout shorts and shirt to the wall Or maybe use it to hang your bathing suit in the bathroom. I tell you they came in handy. You could also just go for magnetic hooks if you just hang clothes.

Towel Clips

If you have never been on a cruise it can get pretty windy, especially the trade winds through the Caribbean. Must haves are towel clips. These little handy clips will keep your towel from blowing away when you are sitting in the pool or getting your favorite cocktail from the bar. Ensure you get some towel clips that are pretty sturdy and that can fit around the bar of the chair. We actually bought the ones you see and they worked great. There are others that are more expensive and maybe better quality but these worked great for us.


Luggage Tag Holders

If you have never cruised before these handy luggage tag holders are a very convenient way to hold the cruise luggage tags. When you book a cruise the cruise line will provide you tags for your luggage that you need to attach when embarking on your cruise. The tags have your name, cabin # and some other important information and are emailed to you or you print them from the cruise lines website.

So here’s the problem. If you need to fly to the destination where the cruise is embarking you cannot add the tags until after your flight. The second problem is these are paper tags that you must cut and loop through the handles of your luggage and they say staple them together. I don’t know about you but I generally don’t bring a stapler with me when I go travelling. The third problem is if it is raining, well these paper tags will fall apart if they get wet when it rains.

The solution….the simple handy Luggage tag holders. There are different Tag Holders for different cruise lines and I have added them here so you can just select the link to which cruise line your are travelling. These are very convenient and can be reused over and over as they are pretty durable.

Action Camera/Under Water Camera

Depending on the cruise you are taking, or any trip to a tropical destination for that matter, you may want to consider getting an Action Camera for those days at the beach or those snorkeling excursions. You can get an excellent little camera that takes some great videos and pictures for a very affordable price. You can check out our post about the 5 Best Action Cameras Under $200 or if you are on more of a budget there are some great quality action cameras under $100 shown below.

I actually bought the Apeman A80 action camera cause I am not a heavy user of these types of cameras but I am glad I brought one for our snorkeling excursions. We went to Grand Cayman where you can swim with the wild Sting Rays in the ocean. This was amazing! I was so happy that I had the camera to video under water the sting rays swimming at your feet. I also took the camera to the reef and had some amazing video of us snorkeling with the tropical fish. It was well worth the $80 I spent on the camera. Make sure you look at the Floating Wrist Strap below to ensure you camera doesn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Floating Wrist Strap for your Action Camera

The floating wrist strap is one of those accessories that you need for your action camera if you are going to video and take pictures in the water. This handy little strap will ensure that you don’t drop that tiny little camera to the bottom of the ocean as it is strapped around your wrist. You can easily move your wrist around and can let go of the camera with no fear of losing your camera. If you decide to take the wrist strap off, no problem, the strap will float on top of the water even when the camera is attached.

There are some other products that do the same thing like the floating handle which are great options as well so you decide what works best for you. Some amazing accessories for your camera are below so you check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Waterproof Case for your Phone

How many of our mobile phones are waterproof? Not too many. How many times are we near water when you are cruising? Always! Make sure you protect your phone when hanging by the pool, hanging by the beach, or especially boating. You never know when you may fumble your expensive and basic life necessity gadget into that dreaded water. These little waterproof cases can save you hundreds of dollars so you may want to consider them.

Day Back Pack

Excursion Day! Everyone likes to get out and check the ports when you are cruising so having a small and handy day pack is essential for going out on those 1 day ventures to places. Everyone carries different things when they go out on their excursions such as water, camera, change of clothes, map and other necessities so having a small day back that is light, comfortable and can hold what you need to is a must have. Below are a few different backpacks that suit this need, they are small and comfortable. I bought the OutdoorMaster Sling Bag and I couldn’t be happier. There was a padded shoulder strap and it could hold a lot more than I thought it could. Check them out and choose which one suits your need.

Extra Clothes Hangers

I recently when on my first cruise and was pleasantly surprised on how much storage space there actually was in the cabin. We were in a standard cabin with a porthole and not one of the larger suites so we anticipated some tight quarters. The one item that we read to bring was extra hangers and I couldn’t agree more. Even though there is quite a bit of drawer space and hanging cupboard space there are not many hangers within cabin. So if you want to avoid the wrinkled dresses, or shirts, or pants make sure you bring some light weight hangers with you so your luggage does not exceed the weight limit.

Bathroom Door Organizer

Oh the bathroom. The place where we store all our toiletries and items to get ready. Even though the bathroom on the cruise that I went on was surprisingly larger than anticipated there is not much counter space to hold the lotions, the hair dryer, the tooth brush and the other little everyday items for getting ready for the day or for bed. This bathroom door organizer keeps all your little items together, easily accessible, and out of the way of the everyday bathroom use.

Power Bar with USB Plugins

Important! Important! Important! I can’t stress enough how important it is to bring a power bar with or without USB connections on your cruise. I would recommend with the USB connection cause it is easier to plug that cell phone charger or camera charge directly into the USB than a plug. The cabin we had and from what I hear most cabins have 1, yes I said 1 aside from the bathroom, electrical outlet for your important electrical appliances and devices. I don’t know about you but I generally have 4 or 5 things plugged in at once. If you don’t have an extra power bar at home to bring take a look at some my recommendations. I bought and brought the AROTAO Power Strip and this was the perfect amount of receptacles and USB connectors that we needed. Plus it is clean and sleek looking.

Well, those are a list of my must haves when travelling on a cruise. We took all of these items and were glad we did. If you know of some other must haves please comment below and we can add them to the list. Happy Cruising!


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